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My Company Name: Out Of Mind creative

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Through the creation of different interface, the concepts base from Out Of Mind comes from feeling of various daily life elements. We will through different types of creative works to reflect the fresh elements of life. Space design and artistic creation, we expressed our attitude toward life; thus we will have an ideal and comfortable space.

From start to current China-Hong Kong design career. All the participated projects from commercial space, residential design and art creation, each project was planned and guided with an experienced team. We do listen each customer’s need and taste into detail; we want to make everyone feel the fresh ideas and human spaces in our life.

Our team consists of elite designers who are experienced in interior designs and deliver world class standards which are unparalleled in the market place. Because we aim to exceed your expectations and we deliver unbelievable design works that you are yet to discover. What make us success is that we listen carefully to your needs and pay attention to every detail that you tell us. Most importantly, we understand your thinking and rationales behind all your expectations and requirements. From the beginning of our design plan to the final design product, you can feel the human touch on every design work and you can feel how we create new space for you.

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